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Property renovation & restoration services in the Cotswolds

Encompassing all new building works within the Cotswolds.

Tailored solutions providing full turnkey bespoke construction services.

Offering designers, architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors who ensure that your project is covered in all aspects and that your experience with Pestridge Construction is of the highest calibre.

We Pestridge Construction strive blend the best construction techniques and materials from all eras to achieve astonishing results.

Pestridge Construction Ltd understand how important your home is, high standards and attention to detail are always at the forefront of Pestridge Constructions' ethos.



Society for the Protection of

Ancient Buildings 

Pestridge Construction and SPAB

Pestridge Construction are very proud to be Corporate Supporters of the Society for the protection of Ancient Building, 

'Believing all old buildings have a future. From cottages to castles and from churches to cathedrals'

 Pestridge Construction Limited align perfectly with SPAB's ethos, as our purpose is to help buildings.

It is our life work understanding how old buildings work. 

Click the link below to find out more. 

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