These works are completed utilising reclaimed materials (where possible) and new materials which would have been used in the original construction. Preserving the building as it currently exists will often show a historic timeline of how the building and its use has evolved over generations. 


Where incorrect materials have been utilised in the restoration and renovation of a building which subsequently damage the structure, are unsuitable or are not in keeping with the original structure; these elements are carefully considered and rectified as part of an 'holistic' approach. 


The effects of weathering and use can be hard on buildings resulting in decay and dilapidation. To address these areas we complete sympathetic repairs utilising materials used in the original construction and techniques engaged by the craftsmen. 

Reconstruction - renovation 

These exciting works can encompass not only period features and techniques but also cutting edge technology and state of the art design. The potential is boundless so it is critical to ensure a firm design ethos and specification.

Restoration & Renovation

Property renovation & restoration services in the Cotswolds


At Pestridge Construction our passion lies with the renovation and restoration of buildings. Our methods take four forms; Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration and Reconstruction